Cosmetic labels

Custom cosmetic product labels

According to market research, the thing that attracts people to try out new cosmetic products in stores – labels. This is why you see so many vivid colours, bright and sharp fonts and very distinctive labels in the market.

Being unique in the market of cosmetics is relatively tricky. This is why it is worth to invest in custom label printing and manufacture. By having a custom made label, you improve your chances of being recognisable and distinct on the full shelves of both retail and wholesale stores. Besides, beauty labels could incorporate unique selling points as well as other distinctive features of your brand or a particular product.

Admarkers can also incorporate variable information on your labels (QR codes, Barcodes, numbering, etc.).

For the most part, cosmetic product labels tend to show two different trends. One is minimalism so you could opt for clear labels or a rich, glossy/matte finish with a white or contrasting colour background. We can help fulfil any request that your company may have for the labels.

Our three decades of experience and know-how can be applied to cosmetic products across the range. Whether you place products in jars, tubes, bottles, or whichever else containers, a well-made and sharply printed label can go a long way in improving prestige as well as value.

Cosmetic labels

Manufacturing of cosmetic product labels

Whether you sell cosmetic products in bulk or only create individual cosmetic goods, proper-looking labels should be in your priority list.

Our modern and efficient label production line can print up to 5 kilometres of label per day. This is why we are capable of supplying companies with large, ever-expanding or medium, very measured needs.

Choice of label material is also not restricted. We can make labels not just on paper, but on almost anything else.