Water Bottle Labels

Custom water bottle labels that sell

Since many companies sell bottled water, having a unique-looking product is one of the first steps towards large sales. For most customers, bottled water selection is a matter of familiarity and aesthetic look of the bottle. Market research has shown that nicer labels do help sway undecided clients towards your product. We can make clear adhesive labels or add a gloss or matte sticker, or even a shrink sleeve which engulfs the bottle in its entirety.

By printing custom water bottle labels, we help boost sales or expand brand recognition. Our line is capable of printing vividly coloured labels, sticker sleeves or different sort of label designs, Admarkers has worked with bottled water manufacturers globally. For the past three decades, we have been making glossy, matte and other sorts of labels for bottles of all kinds. 

Since in most cases, the product only has a couple of seconds to captivate the attention of the buyer. By developing eye-catching label designs, you will help boost sales and make your product a more lucrative selection to potential buyers. Finally, by utilising the capabilities of present printing technology, any brand can develop creative and distinctive label designs.

With our long experience comes extended know-how on the highest quality labels, made by most modern manufacturing lines.

Room for variation is plentiful too. FDA guidelines, as well as other standard compliant stickers, can also be added or incorporated. Depending on your situation, we can print labels with varying information for a campaign or lottery or limited-time offer.

Clear stickers are a common and widespread choice for water bottle manufacturers. Nonetheless, colourful and vivid (glossy or matte) adhesive stickers or shrink sleeves are the primary choice for some other manufacturers. With different packaging options, more out of the box solutions could be leaned upon.

Water Bottle Labels

Choose what’s best for you

Most advanced digital printing solutions allow a broad range of label printing options. Admarkers can offer adhesive labels, label templates and workpieces in rolls, shrink sleeves, varnishing of labels, numbering, other variable info application, etc.

Whereas company A could find their water bottle to be best represented by a minimalistic, clear design, company B could go a different route and order the bulk manufacture of glossy white labels with an exciting colour palette.