Wholesale of high-quality printed packaging products

Your packaging solutions are fundamental and inseparable from success in marketing. From protecting the products inside the box as well as adding an element which raises brand awareness to your range, custom packaging solutions cover a wide array of needs for your business.

Custom made boxes available for wholesale. We offer boxing to many different spheres, including custom cosmetics products boxes for businesses in the beauty industry. Both newer and more established companies tend to trust our experience which spans more than three decades and the know-how we have obtained.

Pair these traits with excellent manufacturing capabilities and modern digital printing technology and you get a match for both high-volume and high-quality demand fulfilment.

Professionals in the industry should take care of this need and develop custom printed packages.

We could create all sorts of boxes, ranging from small rectangular units to oval products or the manufacture of entirely out of the box solutions just for your order. Admarkers can also deal with larger orders to supply high quantities of packaging.

Interested? Wish to know more or discuss the printing of packaging solutions? Please do not hesitate and write us a message to receive a quote!


Make great, custom packaging with Admarkers

We have the latest and greatest in digital printing technology. This allows us to fulfil even entirely out of the box solutions for companies in various industries.

Incorporating creative ideas is also possible thanks to the high quality of printing that our line has the capability of. True 1200 dpi printing quality will be appreciated by your company and your clients alike.

Well-made packages and/or boxes from top-notch materials will be sold in bulk and you can add variable information, like numbering, QR or barcodes, etc.

Moreover, the materials that we use are eco-friendly, and the production process only leaves a small environmental footprint. Finally, delivery is quick thanks to dependable postage partners that we work with.