Custom Chinese food boxes

Wholesale of high-quality custom Chinese food boxes

Chinese food, just like any other food boxes are important in many different areas. Starting with the basic marketing techniques and helping your brand stand out, ending with the convenience of eating for your customers. Whether you are a Chinese restaurant or a shop with the option for Chinese food takeout, custom made Chinese food boxes should be an exciting prospective to you.

No one wants a boring, inconvenient, fragile, or in other ways, poor food boxes. They have to be able to contain food, have isolation properties and look aesthetically presentable as well. Luckily for you, Admarkers has the experience and the tools to take care of Chinese food packaging manufacture and wholesale.

From over the top, authentic designs to reserved minimalism, we can print on various surfaces as well as make the most of advanced machinery we have. Since the manufacture of packaging boxes is quick and has almost none limitations or restrictions as well as being very quality-oriented, your business wins on all fronts. No time wasted as well as better packaging, more advertising, happier customers, etc.

Moreover, these solutions are available for wholesale, and we can fulfil bulk orders. Our daily manufacturing capabilities for food boxes and other packaging solutions is up to 5 kilometres of labels and packages. Both minimalistic abstract or creative, slightly over-the-top solutions are available for printing. Have a specific material that you want to make the packages out of, in mind? Let us know. Our equipment can print on anything.

Besides quick printing, dependable courier partners ensure swift delivery of the ready boxes as well. High-quality print, sharp and bright colours, as well as premium materials, make sure that your customers are satisfied and in turn, leave better reviews and have a higher chance of doing return business.

If you happen to have any questions or wish to receive a quote – let us know by sending a message!

Custom Chinese food boxes

Make great, custom packaging with Admarkers

Do not be content with just being another Chinese food place. Become a household name or select a unique approach. We can help realise that by printing unconventional or different food packages for your business.

We can boldly state that everyone has their own uniqueness and we seek to help our clients accentuate their best product qualities through packaging. With true, 1200dpi print resolution as well as capable cutting and processing lines, Admarkers can produce quality box packaging solutions for companies all over the world. 

In short, if you need packaging for Chinese food products – let us know because we can offer a reasonable rate and quick delivery for your order!

Well-made packages and/or boxes from top-notch materials will be sold in bulk and you can add variable information on the packaging like numbering, QR or barcodes, etc.

Moreover, the materials that we use are eco-friendly, and the production process only leaves a small environmental footprint.